Canus Lupis
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Trait Guide

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1Trait Guide Empty Trait Guide on Mon Apr 06, 2020 10:01 am


Common: Ear marking, Stomach marking, Chest marking, Chest and stomach marking, Paw markings, Markings beneath the tail, Muzzle markings, Spots, Hair

Uncommon: Folded ear, Stub tail, Double Tails, Claw, Spitz Tail,  Tooth, Heterochromia

Rare: Unicorn horn, Halo, Devil horns, Ram horns, Devil tail, More than 2 tails, Extra limbs, Wings, and Gems, Height Mutation (Smaller or Larger), Fire or water tail

Ultra Rare: Multiple heads, Slime body parts, Glow, Antenna/e, Extra eyes

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