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Site Rules

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Site Rules
Thank you for joining our site! I hope you enjoy it here. Posting in the forums is one of the many things you can do on this website, but in order for everyone to have fun you must follow the rules. Disobeying these rules could result in a suspension or permanent ban.

1. No Mini Modding
The site has moderators for a reason. If you have an issue submit a help ticket.

2. Cursing
Cursing is allowed, but only if not directed toward another user.

3. Multiple Accounts
You are allowed to have a maximum of 2 Canus Lupis accounts. 1 main account and one side account. You are allowed to use your second account for whatever you want, whether it be trading or art commissions, ┬áit’s allowed as long as it follows the site rules.

4. Stealing Pets
Stealing pets is not tolerated at all whatsoever. If you are caught doing this, a ban will be placed on your account. If you suspect someone of doing this, submit a help ticket.

5. No Double Posting
Don’t double post on forum games.

5. Don’t Overshare
Sharing your personal information with other users such as your address, school, and last name is against the rules.

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